Food Pantry Assistance

  • Residents of Otsego and Plainwell School Districts

    Clients are able to shop the food pantry once per calendar month and receive enough food for three meals each day for five days. When available, diapers, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, paper supplies and over the counter medications can also be selected.

  • How do I get food?

    Just show up at least 15 minutes before closing to allow enough time to register your information and shop in our pantry.

  • What if I’m living with other people who are not my immediate family?

    We serve everyone in the home as one household, despite the fact that you may cook and keep your food separately. Please decide whose name the file will be listed under and that person can bring the required information for everyone in the home. In subsequent months, as long as the file is complete (all requested information has been provided), another adult in the home could shop for the household. (If you are outside of our food service area please review the Allegan County Food Pantry Collaborative Brochure, fund services under the additional resources tab) OR Call 2-1-1 as they may be able to help you.

For more details, or if you're seeking food assistance please reach out to Amy VanPutten at

Financial Assistance

    Residents of Plainwell, Otsego and Martin School Districts

    We assist clients financially with critical temporary needs in the areas of:

    • Rental assistance (first month’s rent, security deposit, back rent, eviction)
    • Utility shut-offs or payments (preventing loss of utilities or loss of winter protection plan, fuel oil or propane)
    • Landlord/Utility Vendor Mediation
    • Referral service to other human services agencies in Allegan County

    How do I get help?

    When you first contact Christian Neighbors, you will come to our offices and talk to a case manager who will ask some questions about how many people there are in your family, how much money you earn and what your current expenses are. You will be asked about any special circumstances that you are going through. We will talk to you about what things you have already tried to do to help yourself and find out what assistance you might be receiving from other sources.

    Bring the following items during the hours listed below, arrive at least 1/2 hour before closing:

    • Photo id showing your current address
    • Proof of income for each person in the home who has income (pay stubs, social security award letters, unemployment benefits, child support. etc)
    • Birth dates for each person in the home
    • Depending on what you need help with, bring your shut off notice, DHS decision notice, letter from your landlord, eviction notice, etc.

    State Emergency Relief Forms (SER)

    DHHS requires the use of the MI Bridges web site for requesting state emergency relief (SER). Christian Neighbors is a Community Navigation partner with DHHS. We can help you complete the SER application and we can fax any supporting documentation to DHHS for you. Always follow-up with your DHHS case worker to make sure they received all necessary items. Have questions? Call 269-685-4166 ext. 106

For more details, or if you're seeking financial assistance please reach out to Shannon Zabaldo at

Community Assistance Programs