Mission and Oversight

Our mission is to provide local families in need with food, emergency financial assistance, skill-building education, and other resources offering stabilization.

  • Christian Neighbors has been serving our community since 1983.
  • We are blessed to have at least 50 volunteers serve on a weekly basis.
  • Christian Neighbors is governed by an all-volunteer board and teams who are carefully selected and diversified in their makeup.
  • Our Board of Directors cares for our mission, strategies, goals, governance and ensures that we operate in compliance with legal & ethical standards.
  • Our finances are monitored by a Finance Team made up of our board president, treasurer, bookkeeper, CPA, and local business owners.
  • Our Facilities Director and team care for the buildings and grounds with which the ministry has been greatly blessed.
  • The Education Resource team oversees our classes and programs to strengthen individuals and the community.

Our Five C’s

  • Being Christian Neighbors

    Christian Neighbors was founded in 1983 by the local churches in response to people in need in our community. This allowed the churches to minister cooperatively in ways they could not do alone. It is important to keep that long standing connection between the local Churches and Christian Neighbors. Most area churches support Christian Neighbors through their church budget, food donations and community soup suppers. Christian Neighbors stands ready to work with churches and church leaders as they refer people in need.

  • Being Community Neighbors

    Christian Neighbors has become a community agency that is supported not only by churches, but also by individuals and businesses throughout the community who realize that we must take care of others in need. The downturn in the Michigan economy has made an agency like Christian Neighbors essential and it has built a reputation throughout our community as a place where you will be helped when you are in need.

  • Being Cooperative Neighbors

    Christian Neighbors has built cooperative relationships with religious, private, and governmental agencies committed to helping those in need. The Christian Neighbors Director and staff serve on and lead various task forces throughout our county dealing with hunger, poverty, and homelessness. They have built resources and developed referrals that address all of those concerns as people come to them with varied needs. When you look at the yearly reports of Christian Neighbors, it is amazing the amount of help they provide, both with food and financially.

  • Being Caring Neighbors

    Christian Neighbors has demonstrated that our community cares about those in need. Christian Neighbors has also demonstrated that as a community works together, it can meet the needs that exist. People who go to Christian Neighbors for assistance are treated with caring, kindness and respect.

  • Being Continuous Neighbors

    Christian Neighbors has been working to meet the needs in the Otsego, Alamo, Plainwell, Cooper, and Martin areas since 1983. Having a facility located in the heart of this service area, Christian Neighbors is positioned to continue to meet the needs of this area for many years to come.

Our Board

  • Board President:

    Art Hartman

  • Vice President:

    Edith Reitkerk

  • Secretary:

    Jane Adams

  • Treasurer:

    Tim Powers

  • Facilities Manager:

    Larry Hill

  • Education / Resources:

    Donna Doctor

  • Pastoral Advisor:

    Joe Shaler

  • Plainwell School Rep:

    Matt Montange

  • Otsego School Rep:

    Jeff Hasse

  • Business Support:

    Karen Darby

  • Business Support:

    Aaron Mitchell

  • Executive Director:

    Jennifer Collins

Finance Team

  • Tim Powers
  • Edith Reitkerk
  • Donna Doctor
  • Art Hartman
  • Larry Wilson
  • Todd Harrell

Meet the Staff