Mission & Oversight

The mission of Christian Neighbors is to provide local families in need with Food, Emergency Financial Assistance and skill building Education to create self-sufficiency.

We are blessed to have at least 50 Volunteers serve on a weekly basis!

Christian Neighbors is a community agency serving individuals and families in Plainwell, Otsego and Martin school districts. Christian Neighbors has been serving our community since 1983.  It is governed by an all volunteer board.

Christian Neighbors’ finances are monitored by a Finance Team made up of our treasurer, bookkeeper, CPA, and local business owners.

Christian Neighbors’ finances are raised and monitored by the Resource Development Team.

The Facilities Director and team cares for the building with which the ministry has been greatly blessed.

The Education Resource team oversees the mentoring program and classes.

Members of the board and teams are carefully selected and diversified in their makeup.

The Board of Christian Neighbors

  • Board President: Bruce Haney

  • Vice President: Laurie Krahn

  • Secretary: Jane Adams

  • Treasurer: Dorothy Cool

  • Business Liason: Cyndi Trobeck

  • Facilities Management: Larry Hill

  • Education/Resources: Donna Doctor

  • Pastoral Adviser: Joe Shaler

  • Plainwell School Representative: Matt Montange

  • Otsego School Representative: Jeff Haase

  • Information Technology: Greg York

  • Human Resources: Edith Rietkerk

  • Executive Director: Terri Shaler

Resource Development Team

  • Laurie Krahn

  • Tim Kellogg

  • Edith Rietkerk

  • Kim Shafer

  • Terri Shaler

  • Cyndi Trobeck

  • Shannon Zabaldo

  • Kristen Gruell

Finance Team

  • Dorothy Cool

  • Donna Doctor

  • Bruce Haney

  • Larry Wilson

  • Todd Harrell